Electric Steel Poles

Compared with common types of columns used for high, medium and low voltage transmission lines such as concrete columns, wooden columns and tie bar steel columns, the single electric steel column is a new technology product with many outstanding advantages. Especially for the medium-high voltage grid in the city, the single-body electric steel pole is the only product that meets the high aesthetics and occupies the smallest area.

Brand: BAAN
Material: JIS G3101 SS400 or Q235 or Equivalent
Surface coating: Hot-dip galvanized or Painted
Hot-dip Galvanized Standard: ASTM A123/A123M – 15

BSI EN ISO 1461 or JIS H-8641:2007

Size: Customized, depend on customer requirements
Design: Follow customer needs
Shape: Round / Tapered Octagonal/ Dodecagonal/ Hexadecagonal / Polygonal / Conical / Tubular
Bolt grade with 1 nuts, 1 spring washer, 1 plane washer or depends on each design
Special bracket attachments in single or multiple arrangements can be manufactured to suit all types of equipment
Usage/Application: Electric power industry


Product Advantages:

  • Quick and Simple Installation
  • Save the space
  • Effective and uncomplicated structural design with less accessories
  • Durable Construction, long lifetime
  • Extended maintenance-free service, Long warranty
  • Cost effective, saving labor cost
  • Comprehensive protection by Hot-dip Galvanizing


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