Ground Screw


Ground Screw can be used as a foundation support instead of traditional foundation method like concrete foundation, especially in solar energy project, gardening projects, even in light weight building

Type: Hot-dip Galvanizing Ground Screw
Material: JIS G3101 SS400 or Q235 or Equivalent
Standard: ASTM A123/A123M – 15

BSI EN ISO 1461 or JIS H-8641:2007

Brand: BAAN
Size: Customized, depend on customer requirements
Design: Follow customer needs
Strong point: Fit into different conditions, especially make Solar system stronger
Production capacity: 4,000pcs/ day
Additional options depending on your specific installation conditions

Product Advantages

  • Simple and Fast to Install

We only need to use Driver Machine to pile Ground Screw into the soil. Even with the sloping areas where it’s not possible to use large construction machinery like caterpillars and excavators, ground screws are the best solutions for it.

  • Save Cost

Ground screw can be installed within minutes, we can deliver a complete foundation quicker than traditional foundation systems. We offer savings in labor, time and eliminate the need for excavation or dewatering. All of this adds up to substantial cost savings on a project.

  • Works in almost all type of soil

Suitable for all terrain, all soils, and tough surfaces (and can be fitted to adapt anywhere. Made of galvanized steel so they are resistant to corrosion and harsh environments.

  • Resistant & Reusable & Environment Friendly

In comparison to concrete foundations, which first have to be separated and then disposed of at a landfill site after being dismantled, ground screws can simply be unscrewed and then completely recycled.

  • 10 Years Warranty

BAAN will provide at least 10 year warrantee for our Ground Screw. Ground Screw is very durable. Life span is at least 30 – 40 years and longer.

  • A good solution for the special construction

For example: When you have electricity cables running under your foundation? With ground screws, you can plan exactly where you want your foundations to go so that you can avoid damaging these cables. 

Production line

Hot-dip Galvanizing Ground Screw

With the size of a large zinc tank (9m; 12mx2mx2m), Ba An can coat almost every current structure in the market

Installation at Site