High Mast Poles


Ground Screw can be used as a foundation support instead of traditional foundation method like concrete foundation, especially in solar energy project, gardening projects, even in light weight building

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  1. High Mast Pole – Octagonal tapered steel pole customized size (12M, 14M, 17M…) – Lift down/ fixed lamp pole
Brand: BAAN
Material: JIS G3101 SS400 or Q235 or Equivalent
Type: High Mast Pole with Multi-Arms which is fixed or lift down
Surface Coating: Hot-dip galvanized
Hot-dip Galvanized Standard: ASTM A123/A123M – 15

BSI EN ISO 1461 or JIS H-8641:2007

Size: Customized, depend on customer requirements
Design: Follow customer needs
Compressed wind pressure: 125kg/m2, equivalent to wind speed 160km/h or design on request
Steel sign for foundation bolts grade 5.6 or equivalent
Usage/Application:  Stadium/ Sports/ Square/ Street / Airport / Highway/ Parking-lot/ Toll-gate…

Reference size:


Lift down lamp pole:

The structure has a winch mounted inside the column body, and the light fixture is raised and lowered very easily without the need for other specialized lifting equipment. The product is the optimal choice when lighting large areas such as squares, airports, ports, entertainment areas …





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