Telecommunication Poles

Telecommunication Poles/ Atenna/ Tower 

BAAN will provide you the best range of Telecommunication Pole, Telecommunication Tower and Telecom Tower with effective & timely delivery. With the outstanding advantages of surface protection coating, Hot-dip galvanizing technology to ensure the structural quality with over 25-years life span. Beside, Telecom Poles/ Tower can be available in heights up to 60m. These poles can be custom-designed for a variety of single or multi-user configurations and in a wide variety of finished and completed structure.

Brand: BAAN
Material: JIS G3101 SS400 or Q235 or Equivalent
Type: Base Transceiver Station, antenna poles, antenna pillars, telecom tower …
Surface coating: Hot-dip galvanized or Painted
Hot-dip Galvanized Standard: ASTM A123/A123M – 15

BSI EN ISO 1461 or JIS H-8641:2007

Size: Customized, depend on customer requirements
Design: Follow customer needs
Shape: Round / Tapered Octagonal/ Dodecagonal/ Hexadecagonal / Polygonal / Conical / Tubular
Life Period: More than 25 years, it is according to installing environment
Bolt grade with 1 nuts, 1 spring washer, 1 plane washer or depends on each design
Special bracket attachments in single or multiple arrangements can be manufactured to suit all types of equipment
Usage/Application: Telecom networks


Product Advantages:

  • Quick and Simple Installation
  • Durable Construction, long lifetime
  • Extended maintenance-free service, Long warranty
  • Cost effective, saving labor cost
  • Well adaptability to weather condition
  • Comprehensive protection by Hot-dip Galvanizing 

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